Since 1998 we produce upmarket and sustainable furniture in small series and wooden products for interior as well as exterior use.

Exclusive designs by well-known designers, the individual implementation of the wishes of, or the realization of, the customers own ideas: Our goal is the production of pretentious handicraft products in clean cut and functional design.

Our customers own brands and our own label “LIVENDOR” are produced exclusively in Germany. We produce in our own workshop in cooperation with social workshops and small handicraft companies.

The entire production chain from idea and material acquisition and production control until delivery, runs through our location in Lüneburg, Germany. We organize the safe dispatch of the goods in reliable quality.

Daniel Hahnemann • Produktentwicklung • Fertigung • Logistik Daniel Hahnemann • Produktentwicklung • Fertigung • Logistik Daniel Hahnemann • Produktentwicklung • Fertigung • Logistik


Product Development

We make ideas ready for the market and also make field tests focusing on material and production costs at all times. We are happy to develop designs for your product range or to optimize your existing ideas or designs.


Our goal is products that are successful in the market because they combine German skilled craftsmanship with an affordable price and timeless design. The production in our own workshop or with established regional and nationwide production partners is our most important goal as we can guarantee a reliable quality. Through production optimization, careful research, experience in purchasing, short distances and flat hierarchies, we will continue to secure this goal in the future.


We have developed a quality assurance system that can react flexibly and quickly to formal, legal and individual changes. In labeling and packaging, we orient ourselves to customer requirements, the applicable regulations and our principle of sustainability.

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Our Values


To us this means the responsible handling of people, materials and nature. Our products are designed in such a way that we exploit the scarce resource of wood optimally. This starts at the planning stage. We pay attention to the optimal material use, cost-effective production and a packaging optimized for shipping.

For customers, production partners and suppliers a personal contact and a trusting co-operation is important to us.


Since its founding, our company has worked closely with social workplaces and local forestry. We prefer solid wood before wood-based materials to keep the processing chain as short as possible. We only use white glues (instead of synthetic resin or PU glues) and oils from recognized natural color manufacturers.


On our location in Lüneburg we are since 1998 in production in cooperation with north German designers, workshops and suppliers. The production of our products takes place exclusively in Germany.


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